Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dear Friends,

Life around here has been very you may have noticed from the lack of finished posts here at the Food Hotline.  I've still been taking some calls and emails, dispensing advice, collaborating on new meals and recipes, and cooking a lot at home.  I also recently catered a whole wedding dinner (and baked three cakes!) for a dear friend, and that was quite the undertaking.  But aside from that, working my regular job and attempting some kind of personal life and art practice has pretty much consumed my time.  Hopefully I will have more time soon to add to the blog!  And callers - if you call and I don't respond right away, sometimes email is better, or even texting, since I'm in a library basement most of the day.

Now a photograph of the happy bride and groom I cooked for.....

And one of the cakes...

Such lovely friends!
Happy cooking & problem solving. XO

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